The Changing Landscape of B2B Communications

Predikta have produced an infographic following on from the company white paper ‘One Move Ahead: Reading the changing game of B2B communications.’ ‘The Changing Landscape of B2B Communications’ explores the sales cycle and the evolution of sales techniques as discussed in the company white paper. Predikta are revolutionising the way businesses build relationships, through sport. If you’re… Read more »

Seven Ways to Win at Marketing

What’s the real difference between playing in the marketing Premier League and bumping along in the Conference? We’ve picked out seven key attributes that successful marketing people seem to have in common. How do you match up – and what about your colleagues? Let’s play!   1. You Build Relationships Drop you in a room… Read more »

Predikta White Paper Released

Predikta has completed and released its first company white paper ‘One Move Ahead: Reading the changing game of B2B communications.’ The white paper discusses the changes to the sales industry, gives some advice on the future of the industry and provides some predictions for the future of communication. To download the white paper, simply click… Read more »

The Importance of Building Sales Relationships in the Connected Era

Working in sales used to be a simpler process. It was fairly straight-forward – you advertised in whatever broadcast mediums made the most sense for your business, you took calls based on those ads, or you used cold calling tactics to contact people who you thought would be interested based on your own research. Simple…. Read more »

Predikta launches football prediction platform for business

Predikta, an innovative engagement tool which combines sport predictions and engagement, has launched its new business platform for the new Premier League season. Following the trend of increasingly popular social media communications and the growing challenge of building customer relationships, Predikta has launched a way for businesses to communicate with their customers in the form… Read more »