• Predikt now

    Each round you will be presented with a set of matches. It's your job to predict the final score of each of these matches. You can click on the ‘PREDIKT NOW’ button to make your predictions.

  • Banker

    One of these predictions is your banker. This should be the prediction that you are most confident about. If you get this result correct, your points for the match are doubled, i.e. a spot-on prediction will earn you six points instead of the usual three.

  • Change your mind

    Don’t worry if you change your mind. If throughout the week the outlook for teams or players changes, you can change your predictions and do it as often as you like. You can do this up until the kick-off of each match. Once the match has started however, no more predictions can be accepted for that match.

  • Cancellation of a match

    If a match is cancelled (or abandoned after it has commenced) and the cancelled match is not your banker then no points can be scored from this match. If the cancelled match happens to be your banker, you will be responsible for selecting an alternative banker from the remaining open matches at the time of cancellation.

    Predikta also reserves the right to void a result if it suspects that any of the following has occurred:

    • the integrity of the result has been called into question
    • a result is revealed to have been manipulated in any way
    • match-rigging has taken place, affecting the outcome of a match

    If the result is voided as a result of any of the above reasons, the match will be deemed as cancelled and no points will be scored for the match.

  • Extra Time

    For knock-out matches where two teams are tied after 90 minutes, the final score will be deemed to be the score after extra time (i.e. after 120 minutes but before a penalty shootout). If the match is decided by a penalty shootout, Predikta will regard the match as a draw, with the score after 120 minutes representing the 'final score'.

  • League

    The league displays your position in each league you've joined, for both the current week and the entire season.

    Your Predikta points and league position will be updated live as goals are scored and results change.

    If two or more players score the same number of points, their league position is determined by the following process called the Predikta Separata:

    • First by the person who has scored the most points for correct ‘result.’
      • if it’s still a tie, then the person who has scored the most points for ‘spot on.’
      • if it’s still a tie, then the person who has scored the most points for ‘goal difference.’
      • if it’s still a tie, then it’s a tie!

    If you click on another player’s name you will be able to see what that player has predicted for the week. This information is updated at half time and full time of each match. You will not be able to see what that player has predicted for matches that have not started yet.

    If you click on a player’s name when the league table is being viewed in the Season mode, you will be able to see how that player has earned his/her points for the season. The Total points will be divided into the Results, Goal difference and Spot on categories. This will help you to understand how the Predikta Separata has been applied.

    If you wish to set up your own branded company league or private non-branded league please contact Predikta by clicking here

  • Points

    Points are awarded based on the accuracy of your predictions. The more accurate your predictions are, the more points you are awarded. The points are calculated as follows:

    Correct result: 1 point

    You get 1 point for correctly predicting the result of a match. For example, if you pick Arsenal to win and they do win, you will receive 1 point.

    Goal Difference: 2 points
    You get 2 points for correctly predicting both the result and goal difference. For example, if you pick Arsenal to win 2-0 and they actually win 3-1, you will receive 2 points.

    Spot-on: 3 points
    You get 3 points for correctly predicting the result spot-on. For example, if you pick Arsenal to win 3-1 and they do win 3-1, you will receive 3 points.

    Select one match as your Banker and get double points for this match.

    Your points will be updated at half time and full time of each match.

    The AKKA TRAKKA will allow you to track the progress of your accumulator in real time. A traffic light system is used where Red signifies that this leg of your accumulator has let you down and Green means that your selected result is correct. For live matches there is also an Orange light. This applies to those matches where your result is currently not correct, but one goal will make the result favourable.

  • Forgetting to predict

    If you forget to submit your predictions, you receive the same score as the person in your league/s who came last for the week in which the matches are taking place.

  • Validity of results

    Predikta relies on data provided by Ableson Info, a third party data provider, as the source of its results. In the event of a dispute, the data provided by Ableson Info will be the deciding factors. If Ableson Info does not provide the relevant data, Predikta reserves the right to determine the results as it sees fit, according to the official result published by the Press Association (PA) or any other data it may choose to rely on. If you believe that an error has been made in calculating the result, you should contact admin@predikta.com immediately.

  • Anorak

  • Biggest Gainers

    See the players in your league who have risen the most places during the last round of fixtures. Gloat or congratulate others using the Forum or email.

  • Biggest Fallers

    See the players in your league who have fallen the most places during the last round of fixtures. Have a dig at your mate’s disastrous week using the Forum or email.

  • Judas Index

    You have the dishonour of being labelled a 'Judas' if the football team you support wins or draws after you predicted that they would lose. The Judas Index does not affect your points at all but it quite rightly embarrasses you in front of your competitors.

    You can view who is on the Judas Index for the current week and also look at who has been a Judas most often throughout the season.

  • 6 Point Banker

    Getting your Banker Spot-On earns you 6 points and deserves to be recognised. The 6 Point Banker list shows who has achieved that honour for the week and for the season it recognises who has achieved the most 6 Point Bankers.

  • Forum

    You can use the Forum button to boast, insult or stay in touch with other league members in two ways. Firstly, you can choose to post your comments to the Forum. This will display your message on the Forum and be visible to all players in your league. Secondly, you can select to send emails directly to members of your league.

  • Customising your league

    This screen is available only to League Masters. At any time during the season you can change your logo, colour scheme, onscreen message or banner ad by selecting CONTROL PANEL in the Cog.

  • Managing your league

    This screen is only available to League Masters. Selecting MANAGE LEAGUES in the Cog will present you with a number of options.

    Slacker's List

    The Slackers list will tell you who in your league has not yet predicted for the coming weekend. You can send a reminder yourself via the email system and as a back-up you can also ask Predikta to send an automated reminder to only those people who have not predicted yet on a Friday and Saturday morning.

    Add New Players

    There are 3 ways to invite new people into your league. Click on the Cog in top right hand corner and select Manage Leagues and select the Invite Players tab.

    • Enter their email addresses and press Send
    • Invite via Facebook
    • Copy your unique league url and email it to them

    Edit Players

    If you wish to remove a player from your league select the player and click “Remove”. If you wish to hand over the responsibility for administering the league to someone else in your league, then select the player and click “Make League Master”.