About Us

Like most great ideas (if we may be so bold) Predikta started off as a bit of banter between friends, but has quickly grown into the place to make your football predictions ahead of the weekend. What was once a humble spreadsheet of friends’ predictions is now the football prediction game that connects. Predikta analyses the resulting wisdom of the crowd to help players predict the outcome of upcoming matches. There’s plenty of banter to be had on the way too, so if you or your colleagues make a dodgy prediction, they can no longer hide with Predikta’s banter board and Judas Index

  • Jeff Boekstein

    Founder and CEO

    Jeff Boekstein founded Predikta in 1999 after many years of listening patiently to dodgy sports predictions at the office. Before Predikta, Jeff was sales and marketing director for leading car glass repair company Belron, having worked in the automotive industry for 30 years. Hailing from South Africa, Jeff has an honours degree in economics and marketing from University of Cape Town and an MBA from London Business School.

    Jeff is a Chelsea fan.